Indian Forensic Organisation (I.F.O)


A non government organization in the field of forensic science. The organization initially constituted in 2009 for the prime goal of uniting all Forensic experts and scientist under one roof and serve the basic needs for its growth, upliftment and advancement. Since the time of its birth IFO is involved in activities like Scientific awareness, forensic workshops, research and development of tools and techniques, examination of evidences and offer expertise on the same, etc...

Forensic science has its roots in India dating back more than 100 years, yet we are behind when it comes to practical use of forensic science. Nevertheless efforts are being made by the government of India to enhance the technology and technique for practical use in all investigative purposes.

There was always a need for private institutions, corporate sector, scientific and technical members to pay attention and enter the field of Forensics which is utmost beneficial for the growth and advancement of this science. We proudly present ourselves as a missing link and as an agency to serve this purpose. We denote this to our members, scientists and technical workforce.

One of the main goals of IFO is to establish forensic laboratories and research units all over India equipped with latest tools and technology to efficiently cope up with the current scenario of criminal investigative system. We always feel that there is still a long way to achieve the goals, but as there is a saying "a good start is half work done".

As for the practical use of Forensic science, we are currently offering expertise for:

Cyber Forensics (Computer Forensics), Questioned Documents, Fingerprints, Audio / Video Forensics, Mobile phone Forensics, Firearm Ballistics and DNA Forensics.



IFO (Indian Forensic Organisation) issues forensic legal reports on specific and particular cases and evidences. IFO offers forensic opinion and solutions. IFO has issued forensic reports and opinion which are submitted and accepted in many courts all over India including Supreme Court of India.

No person, expert, scientist is entitled to issue reports or opinion/solution on behalf of Indian Forensic Organisation (I.F.O) unless otherwise directed by the authority and board of I.F.O.

One can always verify authenticity of the forensic report (issued in the name of Indian Forensic Organisation) by mail communication or directly communicating at the numbers provided. IFO also offers undertaking of its reports in written to avoid any forgery (Fake reports) and add authenticity to the report.