Audio / Video Forensics
Forensic audio video expertsForensic examination and analysis of audio, video, digital clip, tape at Indian Forensic Organisation
  Audio / Video Forensics

Audio and Video forensics deals with the examination and analysis of media contained in any form of Data format in any storage type. Media can be anything from picture, movie, voice recording and video recording. This can be stored digitally or on magnetic tape, film roll (negatives), cassettes etc...

These media can be evidence of any particular event, situation, instance or accident and can be used as proof of it. For it to be a evidence, its authenticity has to be certified. A media can only be authentic if no change has been done to its original state which is generally referred as editing, mastering or tampering.

It is a Challenging task to certify a audio or video as in the modern scenario, presence of advanced editing tools and techniques makes it easy to edit and hard to detect, but to an eye of the professional expert these can be certainly identified.

IFSR provides this professional service at very high accuracy so that the truth behind the audio/video clip can be revealed to Hon'ble court or any parallel/equivalent authority. IFSR has provided this service to serve many important cases and cleared all doubts on their particular media.

When to contact us :

If you have an audio/ video recording that needs to be proven authentic.

If you feel that the audio/ video produced by someone is edited or tampered.

If you know that the media document is edited but unable to prove it.

If you feel that the audio/ video you posses is authentic, untouched but doubts are being raised.

If you have to go by legal process and need guidance

If the audio/ video is to be examined before Hon'ble Court.

*Note : There is no commitment from IFSR to prove anything, the outcome will purely depend on the examination results and cumulative analysis. We do not undertake any work with the surety of desired results but only surety that is taken is for accuracy and truth.

Cassete for Forensic audio video analysis    CD obtained for forensic analysis at IFO   digital_recorded_media_for_analysis   Digital audio recorder for analysis and examination

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audio graph for expert examination and analysis

Live examination of the resulted sound graph by IFO experts

spectrograph for the examination of authenticity of audio clip

For Forensic examination at IFO LAB