Fingerprint Forensics
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Finger print is the impression of the friction ridges present on the fingers, A friction ridge is a raised portion of the epidermis on the fingers and toes, the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot, consisting of one or more connected ridge units of friction ridge skin.

When these friction ridges come in contact with any smooth surface it leaves its impression behind which is developed with the help of various developing techniques and matched with control sample (suspected fingerprint).

Broadly there are Three steps followed in this discipline.
1. Developing
2. Lifting and Preserving
3. Matching and opinion

The person who is well versed with the science of Fingerprints with experience in all the three steps mentioned above having knowledge and experience in the field is a Fingerprint Expert or Examiner.

A fingerprint examiner has to prove the genuineness of the evidence by the scientific technique which an expert uses and the relevancy of that technique for such examination in court of law. The expert has to mention the parameters based on which opinion is formed whether matching or vice versa.

Scenario and Forgery:
Fingerprint is a most important and easily accessible biometric feature in which one can perfectly correlate someone presence if hi/her fingerprints are found on that particular place. Universal in nature it is a very good science in the hands of experts.

In recent times crime and its technique grew drastically and became easy for anyone to forge the fingerprint. The involvement of people in committing crime also increased where fingerprint as a evidence are found. Criminal deliberately leave ( implant ) the forged fingerprint at crime scene to misguide the investigating agencies where we need an expert to identify the forge or genuine fingerprint found at crime scene. Fingerprint is accepted as a evidence in court from early periods till date because of its unique and accurate features and universal.

Dummy fingerprint stamp and Fingerprint membrane are also in use by the professional criminals which can be only detected by experts and advanced techniques.

Fingerprint found on various type of crime
Crime scene (murder, theft, burglary etc..)
Legal will (Attested legal documents)
Documents (Government and Corporate)
Property papers (Sale deed, Registry)
Bank papers (Cheque, Insurance)
Contract Agreement papers

VISA Fingerprint
Fingerprinting for VISA is a security documentation done by several countries to record the biometric feature of the immigrant. We help in FBI Fingerprint Card for VISA, Immigration in USA, UK, Australia and CANADA.

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