Mobile Phone Forensics
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  Mobile phone Forensics

This branch of Forensic science is covered under Digital Forensics and also referred as mobile forensics. Like all fields of forensics this discipline is also about investigation, extraction and analysis of evidence, now as suggested by its name the evidence in this field is mobile phone. The recovery and extraction of data from a mobile under legally prescribed format is mobile phone forensics or Cell phone forensics. The data can be anything from call details, SMS, MMS to contact number and memory stored on Chip (SD card, Micro SD, Memory chip), the data can also be lost or deleted data which may provide some serious information.

The need for Mobile Forensic technology is growing with growth in usage of mobile phone in criminal activities.

Mobile Forensic Expert

Qualified Professional who are experienced in the digital forensics and are well versed with nature of mobile phone, behavior and functioning of mobile technology and places of forensic interest. A mobile forensic expert may provide you with much more information that is visible, there are certain areas of memory storage and other factors that provide even more information. Deleted data recovery from such devices is a primary skill of mobile phone forensic expert. The analysis, extraction and recovery are bundled together to form a forensic report (legal forensic report) that is accepted legally as an expert opinion.

Brief Technology

Mobile phone is a wireless communication device which has great technology attached to it now a days, it has become a basic need rather than facility or status symbol. Mobile phones have evolved with a rapid pace and today they have become more than just communication device. Today's phone have many advanced features like internal & external memory, camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology, text messaging, multimedia messaging system (MMS) and many application to assist the user in daily life, a mobile phone also has almost every details of the user and his contact numbers and their details, thus mobiles play a crucial role in providing concerned information.

With the advent of modern Smartphones and pocket PC (PDA), tablets with advanced operating systems like Android, Windows, bada, webOS, blackberry OS etc.. the mobile have become a rich source of personal and other information which can be used as an evidence to help legal matters.

Types of Evidence

A mobile today comes with a variety of other sub devices which can provide potential evidences and information
- Memory card (Memory chip, SD card, MicroSD)
- SIM Card
- Internal memory of phone

Earlier only information that was available in phone was SMS and call logs, later MMS and deleted data( SMS, contacts) was also extracted but today with internet enabled phones (Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G) email, chats, documents are also extracted which are being used on phone.


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