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Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics or widely known as Cyber Forensics deals with all types of criminal activities and their investigation. Increase in Cyber crime has increased the need for best Cyber experts. Computer Crime and Hacking has become the major problem in India. Hard disk examination, Network Investigation Read more

Document Forensics

Document Fraud Examination and handwriting analysis better known as Questioned Document Examination is the specific branch of forensics that deals with the Forgery Detection in Documents. Ex: Signature Forgery, Handwriting Forgery, document duplication etc. common documents are Will, Agreements.. Read more

Fingerprint Forensics

Fingerprints are a versatile branch of forensics that deals with the lifting, examination, analysis and identification of impression of a human finger. These impressions that are commonly known as Fingerprints help in forensic identification of a person as it is the biometric feature of a human being. Fingerprints at hands of experts play a prominent role. Read more

Biology, DNA, Toxicology

These different fields of Forensic Analysis are grouped together for very simple reason that these are closely related to one another & laboratory dependent, chemically examined most of the times. Biology deals with the bio evidence examination while toxicology deals with the examination of toxic substances in any.. Read more

Firearm Ballistics

Ballistics better called as firearm ballistics deals with the examination, analysis, identification & matching of firearm, bullet and path of bullet travel with its effect on the target. Fire arms are of three types mainly : Standard, Country and Improvised. The bullet fired can be matched with it's firearm & vice versa. Read more

Mobile Forensics

mobile forensic examination
The use of the telecommunication device as phone, mobile has increased drastically these days, these devices most of the times become great evidences and help in investigation and conviction of criminals. The examination, data extraction and analysis of mobile phone, SIM cards & MicroSD are covered under this branch of forensic science. Read more


Crime Scene Investigation is the very first initiative of any investigation. This has to be taken care of very critically as this is the crucial place where one may find or loose evidences important for the particular case. C.S.I has to be conducted by experts as novice may destroy the evidence, proof of crime, mis-handle etc.. Read more

Audio/ Video Forensics

Audio and video Forensic cover examination, authenticity check, forgery/tamper detection and analysis of photos, audio tapes, video tapes, digital audio and video. Read more

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