C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigation
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  What is Crime Scene Investigation

A crime is a place where crime was committed and evidence of the same can be found. A crime scene may be of three types: Indoor, Outdoor, Mobile and one crime event can have primary, secondary or even tertiary crime scene. For example a Murder was committed at home and then dead body was taken to a river and cut into pieces and disposed there, now the primary crime scene is home (Indoor) and Secondary will be river side (outdoor).

Example#2: Theft committed at home. Here in this case the only crime scene is home and the rooms from which the things were stolen. In these rooms the evidence of that crime can be picked (Fingerprints, tools marks (tools used), any object left in hurry etc...)

The Investigation of that scene thoroughly for the search of evidence and every material that could give a potential clue about what happened and who did it, is called Crime Scene Investigation(CSI). A CSI team consists of Forensic experts and investigators who are well versed in extracting evidence and experienced in carrying out Investigation.

Is CSI Important

It is the most sensitive and crucial point of investigation, practically it is the base for rest of the investigation. At the hands of a naive and inexperienced CSI can be a waste of time and will destroy the rest of the case. If evidence and other clues are missed at this point they can never be restored at a later stage when required.

What we provide

We provide the best investigators and forensic experts for the crime scene investigation and evidence collection. Our team is a well experienced professionals of different areas like fingerprints, tool marks, photography etc... We keep in mind all the legality associated as the evidences found can be presented before other investigative agencies and Hon'ble court. We set up a combined Investigative Team as per requirement to carry out the task and yield best results with evidences.

Cases which require CSI

Practically all criminal cases require CSI at their very first stage of Investigation. Nevertheless Theft, Burglary, Data-Theft (Cyber Forensic) Murder, Suicide, Housebreaking, Trespass etc.. are important cases in which CSI is a very important factor.

Tool measurement for the matching of tool mark at crime scene by forensic experts      Crime scene sketch for later investigative reference made by forensic experts
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