Enhancing Forensics in India Scientific Examination, Research and Analysis
Computer Forensics
Computer Forensic experts at IFO, cyber experts, cyber crime examination
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Document Fraud & Handwriting
Forensic Handwriting, Questioned Documets, Disputed Documents examination, Experts at Delhi, mumbai,hyderabad, chennai, bangalore
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Fingerprint Forensics
Forensic Fingerprinting, Visa fingerprint, Fingerprint matching and examination by experts at delhi, mumbai, lucknow, ghaziabad, india
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Biology, DNA Toxicology
Biological evidence for forensic analysis, toxicological examination of samples, DNA Parental Matching, Reports at IFO
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Indian Forensic Organisation

Assisting Legal system and Law enforcement agencies on Scientific evidence and Proof basis

I.F.O is only Indian organization dedicated in the field of forensic science. We have a vision of changing the scenario of forensics in India to one of the most advanced in the world. We also intend to fasten the process of civil/ criminal judicial system for Justice. We also have a mission of strengthening the criminal justice system in India so the victim should not wait for justice.

We promote Forensics and introduce the best tools and techniques from all over the world to enhance the quality of expertise and evidence analysis. One of the main pillar for advancement of forensic science is awareness among people and society. We also promote the use of Forensic science in every possible way and in every judicial matter (Related), this will improve the speed and quality of justice.

I.F.O also supports and encourage research scholars, scientists, experts from various field of forensic science.

This Official website of IFO has several pages:
Home, News, Services, About I.F.O, Contact Us .

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